Riichi Mahjong

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Riichi Mahjong is a universal online game. The rules are the same as in the classic version.

The player needs to disassemble a pyramid of tiles by combining identical tiles. Only tiles that are not blocked by adjacent elements are suitable for joining. The features of this version include the possibility of a full-screen game and the lack of a timeline. Besides, the presence of tips and shuffling randomly shuffles the tiles on the playing field will make passing levels easier. If necessary, you can mute sound and music if they interfere with focusing on the gameplay.

Playing Riichi Mahjong, you can significantly develop your mindfulness and memory, as well as learn how to calculate your actions in advance and predict the future result. Your task is to clear the field of objects. Carefully inspect the tiles and look for the identical ones. As soon as you find two similar ones, select them by clicking on them with the mouse. After completing these steps, they will disappear from the field and you will be given game points.

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