Robots Mahjong

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Robots Mahjong is a classic puzzle game inspired by the popular Chinese puzzle game.

You need to eliminate all tiles with different funny robots on the playing field. The rules of the game are no different from the classic version of the world-famous puzzle. You can connect the same tiles to eliminate both, in which each connection can have no more than 2 turns. There will be 15 exciting levels in this game. Complete the level before the deadline to get an additional bonus. Be careful and act fast.

This version of the game can please fans of the genre of the logical game with excellent graphic and relaxing music, which will help the player to completely immerse in the atmosphere of the game. The connection of tiles is possible only under the condition of a free side edge in both tiles with the same image. Try to keep within two minutes. Playing Robots Mahjong, the player trains his attentiveness and learns to make the most valuable combinations. Surprise everyone with your final results.

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