Shanghai Mahjong

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Traditional Chinese puzzles with colourful tiles always attract attention. Test your mind and wits in Shanghai Mahjong. Players will find popular pieces of different tiles in several levels that need to be solved as quickly as possible. The challenge is on – the move is yours.

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How to play Shanghai Mahjong game

Start the game by choosing a level. Each stage differs in the number of tiles and their placement on the field. These can be standard pyramids or the most amazing shapes: bridges, buildings from films, characters from famous cartoons and more.

Choose identical free tiles on the playing field and they will disappear. Only the elements that are not blocked on the left or right take part in the Shanghai Mahjong game. When they are removed from the table, the next ones will be revealed to the player. You will need to be very careful, as the elements on the tiles are quite similar.

The tiles depict Chinese characters, symbolic circles or bamboo sticks. Discover oriental culture and the mysteries of symbols.

No time limit

This Mahjong game have no time limit! The screen displays information about the level number, the best score and the record time for completing all the tiles. Set your own achievements and get to the top of the list of winners.

A great game will cheer you up, allow you to focus on simple and interesting tasks and relax after your daily routine. Train your brain, turn on your thinking, and get maximum points in each game.

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