Taipei Mahjong

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In this version of Mahjong, the game is not quite familiar.

Taipei Mahjong is an amazing game that will immerse you in the enchanting world of the jungle, where the lost cities of ancient civilizations are located. Hurry, a limited amount of time is allocated for passing each level. Each successful tile connection adds one second to the main time. As soon as you hesitate, a hint will appear about which pairs can be connected.

The goal of the Taipei Mahjong game is to look for paired tiles and click on them to connect and release the birds hidden in them. The gameplay in the game Taipei Mahjong is based on levels. It is reasonable to start from the first and you can not jump over the levels. At the first level, very light construction and a small amount of time are given. After passing it, you are given stars (maximum 3), depending on how quickly you passed the level. Each level is more difficult than the previous one. When you connect tiles, tropical birds fly out of them.

The game has good graphics and nice animation, the levels are interesting and addictive.

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