Tea Mahjong

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Enjoy new Tea Mahjong and discover an interesting world.

This puzzle allows you to develop mindfulness and logic of the player. This is an interesting mahjong puzzle. The game originated in ancient China. Many rulers and aristocrats played it.

A feature of this mahjong is the famous Chinese tea ceremony. In this game, there will be playing field on which the tiles are located. Each tile depicts a picture that is associated with the tea ceremony. For example, an image of a cup or piece of cake. Some tiles are located below others. The player’s task is to analyse all the tiles and clear the playing field. To clean the field you need to look for tiles with the same pictures. As soon as you find the same pictures, you need to click on them and they will disappear. So all elements must be are removed from the playing field.

You can achieve a bonus for quickly completing a level. You can invite your friends to play mahjong. This will allow you to arrange a competition and find out who is the smartest.

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