Travelers Quest Mahjong

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See the world, find hidden artefacts and get the highest possible score.

Travelers Quest Mahjong will be useful for those players who are ready for an exciting journey for educational purposes. On the faces of the cubes assembled in a three-dimensional pyramid, you can see a variety of objects that are necessary for travelling. A bag, a pickaxe, binoculars, a magnifying glass, a compass, a lamp, a hat, lighters and many other items that may be needed by another newly made Indiana Jones.

Your task is to remove all tiles from the playing field. Find pairs of identical tiles and destroy them with the click of the mouse. You can rotate the construction to see what is hidden. The game has eighty intriguing levels. It means that you have a lot of opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. As you progress through the levels, you will see more and more interesting places in the world. Different levels, different icons, and different backgrounds are waiting for you.

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