Trio Mahjong

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Trio Mahjong is a game in which you need to find not two, but three tiles with the same pattern.

So the rules are slightly different from all other mahjong games. You need to remove three identical tiles from the playing field. You have limited time, so try to think about your moves faster. You can use your points for tips and mixing.

This online mahjong differs from the classic oriental puzzle in that on the game figure you need to look not for paired but for triple identical elements. Thanks to this innovation, you can enjoy mahjong from a slightly different angle. Having managed to complete the level in the allotted time, you get to the next.

The game has a nice soundtrack. The difficulty level of the task with such rules is increasing. Feel free to fight. Try to make out the mahjong pyramid, eliminating all the same triple tiles. The watch is ticking, of course, but the authors allow us not to chase the clock hands, so you can play completely calmly and leisurely.

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