Ultimate mahjong

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The gameplay in Ultimate mahjong has been simplified, and now, it can be easily played.

Your mission in this classic puzzle is to remove all the tiles from the playing field, finding the same pairs. However, many of the tiles overlap others. So to win at each level it is necessary to take into account the multilayer specifics of the playing field.

This version of Mahjong has revised rules that add a bit more complexity and an interesting strategy. This time, you can pair not only tiles with the same pattern, but also tiles in the same category, such as summer, winter, spring, autumn, or flowers. In addition to this, on particularly difficult levels, you can turn to tips that highlight the same tiles, which will greatly simplify the passage of difficult levels. The level is considered completed when you managed to remove all the tiles from the playing field.

Depending on how long it took to complete the level and how many mistakes were made, you get up to three stars. Plan your strategy, find the same tiles, and try to earn three stars on each of the levels in Ultimate mahjong.

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