Vegetables Mahjong

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Vegetables and puzzle are an interesting combination in the new game. Match identical chips in Vegetables Mahjong and get the maximum number of points in each level. Improve your endurance, train your logic and have fun.

How to play Vegetables Mahjong

There are rows of blocks with images of vegetables on the board. Find the same cubes and clear the table of them. You can choose the tiles that are located next to each other. You can also click on the elements between which you can draw a line with a maximum of two right angles, and one of the sides is open.

The game ends when the timer runs out or there are no cubes left on the board. For each successful move, the player receives points in the form of stars. The best result is recorded as a record. The number of images increases with each subsequent level, so the game will be more and more exciting.

If there are no available combinations left, the dice are shuffled automatically. The player has the option of shuffling or a hint. The next pair of dice will be highlighted.

Set your own records. Demonstrate your attentiveness, strategy and ability to concentrate.

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