Virus Mahjong

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Help to kill the virus and protect the humankind in the game Virus Mahjong Connect.

In the new exciting puzzle game Virus Mahjong Connect, you can play famous Chinese Mahjong, which is dedicated to coronavirus, which causes an awful disease. On your screen, you will see a playing field filled with game tiles. The tiles have various images of viruses on them. You will have to carefully examine all of them and find two identical images. Then you will need to select them with the click of your mouse.

Your task in this game is to remove them from the playing field and get points for it. There are many varieties of the game, but the most famous are traditional “classic” or “Shanghai” mahjong and Mahjong Connect. Mahjong Connect is sometimes called “flat mahjong” and is often classified as a puzzle. Each of these games has its own specifics, limitations and rules. The tasks that are solved in mahjong help to develop and improve the necessary skills.

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