Zen Cube 3d

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Looking for a bright and positive game? Zen Cube 3d is a non-standard puzzle with three-dimensional elements for adults and children. Forget about your daily routine and dive into the world of coloured 3D cubes.

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How to play Zen Cube 3d

There are cubes in several levels in front of the player. The construction can be rotated by simply clicking and holding the button. Find three identical elements and click on them. The cubes will move to the slots below. Three identical elements in a row disappear and add stars to the score.

After the Zen Cube 3d game, you can double or triple the number of points, and if you’re lucky, you can quintuple them. Exchange the gold stars and coins you earn for sets of new game elements.

Keep an eye on the timer. When the scale reaches the end, the game is over. Exchange additional time for coins or stars and continue playing until you win. After completing a certain number of levels, the player gets access to boosters that allow them to complete tasks as quickly as possible.

The Zen Cube 3d game is bright, simple and useful. Improve your attention, train your concentration, and improve your visual memory. Colourful graphics and interesting puzzles distract you and give you a positive mood.

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