Zoo Mahjong

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Welcome to the Zoo Mahjongg Deluxe – an animal puzzle game.

On the tiles, you can see the most various animals both wild and domesticated. Here are mice and elephants, cats and lions, giraffes and hedgehogs, and many others. The task is to remove all the elements. To do this, you need to find two identical ones located in such a way so that they are not blocked by adjacent tiles. This bright online puzzle game will entertain every child and even an adult. The game has a colourful and exciting design. Each level has a time limit. Keeping up with time is much easier if you open solitaire in full screen.

Remember, you can use a tile with an image only if adjoining tiles do not block it. Try to find the pairs as quickly as possible, because the timer counts down the time very fast. The player can get the most amount of points in a short time. The game is very attractive, colourful and enticing. When a player has sorted the pyramid of tiles, he will want to repeat his success again and again.

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