Butterfly Mahjong Games

Butterfly Mahjong Games is a puzzle game that reveals real magic to the player. The bright design and original gameplay allows you to enjoy the fascinating flight of butterflies. Enjoy the design and interesting challenges in games of this category.

Rules of the Game

The playing tiles on the board depict halves of butterfly wings. The player’s goal is to send them flying and remove all the blocks from the board. To do this, you should choose only identical elements with the same wings. If the choice is made correctly, the butterfly flies off the board and gives access to other pieces.

Mahjong Butterfly, Mahjong Butterfly 2, and Butterfly Kyodai Mahjong Connect have a similar task and gameplay. You should choose tiles not only by the image. You can combine those blocks that have a common side or a line with no more than two right angles between them.

The arrangement of the blocks in Mahjong Butterfly Garden is different. Here, the elements are installed on the field in several levels. The player can choose to play only those blocks that are free and not blocked on the right or left sides. For convenience, they are highlighted. This makes it easier for beginners to find an identical pair of wings to make a move. The game provides a real journey through the levels. Go from location to location and win.


The game time is limited. The game ends with a victory if the player manages to disassemble all the blocks in the allotted time. The timer shows the game time. In some games, it is presented in the form of a scale and even a water container.

In Mahjong Butterfly, Mahjong Butterfly 2, and Butterfly Kyodai Mahjong Connect, each successful move replenishes the time.

In Mahjong Butterfly Garden, you can turn off the butterflies’ flight. Pairs of blocks will simply disappear.

Hints in Games

Solve puzzles using hints and other features. Games in this category have a standard set of hints. If it’s hard to find a pair of blocks to make the next move. Click on the image of a magic wand or question mark. Identical tiles will be highlighted in a different colour on the playing field. This will help you make your move faster and continue the game.

Use the circular arrow symbol if you have difficulty finding an available move. The elements on the playing field are shuffled, change their location, and the participant can find new combinations of blocks.

For each pair of blocks, the participant receives a reward in the form of points on the account. The player can set a record in the game and record his result in the ranking of the best players.