Mahjong Titans HTML

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Try to disassemble this mahjong in 10 minutes in the game Mahjong Titans HTML.

In this game time is limited. The management of the game is very simple. You need to collect solitaire by clicking the left mouse button. The game has a statistics system in the upper part of the screen, showing the rest of the tiles on the playing field, the number of available matches for creating pairs (open matches) and the time left until the end of the game. The player must completely clear the playing field by disassembling the pyramid.

The tiles should be removed in pairs. The most important and essential condition for removing a pair of tiles in the pyramid is that both of the selected tiles should be opened. If adjacent pieces interfere with the extraction, then the tile cannot be removed. Thanks to the sounds, you can find out if the tile is open or not. So, when you click the left mouse button on a tile available for removal, you will hear a sound. When you click on a blocked tile you will hear another sound.

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