Thanksgiving Mahjong

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Thanksgiving Mahjong is an interesting game, designed for the category of players who like puzzle games.

You can see a playing field with tiles. They lie in a variety of geometric shapes and some of them are hidden. As you may have guessed, your task is to clear the playing field of all objects. To do this, you will look for tiles with the same pattern applied to them. As soon as you find the tiles, click on them to highlight. After doing it, they will disappear from the screen and you will be given points. As soon as you clear the playing field, you will go to the next level, which will be even more difficult than the previous one.

Thanksgiving Mahjong game will appeal to players who like to solve a variety of puzzles. You will need observation, excellent memory and logical thinking. These three qualities in combination will give you an advantage while playing this puzzle game. It can check your attentiveness, discipline, the ability to remember tactical schemes.

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