Mahjong Connect

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This kind of mahjong puzzle really makes you use your brains. Mahjong Connect (full screen) will interest those who want to try something new or play a more difficult game than you used to play.

The rules of the game Mahjong Connect are different from the classic version of the game. Here, as usual, you need to look for and remove pairs of tiles, but only those that are next to each other vertically or horizontally. The game has 12 levels. On each of them, your time will be limited.

Classic Mahjong Connect is a single-layer, also called flat mahjong, where all the tiles are laid out in one tier. As usual, you have to clear the playing field. But the restrictions and rules for it are slightly changed. Due to the monolayer structure, most of the tiles at the beginning of the game are blocked, and pairs can only be made from those that are on the edges or next to each other. And of course, don’t forget about time. The white bar at the bottom of the screen is rapidly disappearing, so be very quick and attentive.

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