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Mahjong logic games are an excellent training of your memory, imagination and observation. Play in a calm atmosphere so that no one distracts you. The process is similar to solitaire and close to meditation. Pour yourself a cup of tea and let’s get started. By playing Mahjong you will learn to think rationally and make the right decisions on each stage.

If you find it difficult to memorize Asian symbols, then you can choose a game with simple icons. Develop your intelligence and attentiveness playing different games of the site dedicated to unique and unusual varieties of logic games that came to us from ancient China.

Original Chinese game

The Mahjong is an original Chinese board game widely played in China, Japan and other countries in East and Southeast Asia. The game includes elements of dominoes and poker and requires such qualities as experience, attentiveness and luck to some extent.

We have collected the most popular logic Mahjong games, which will allow you to get acquainted with one of the oldest entertainment in China. Once you get the hang of the basic rules, this simple and fun game will attract your attention.

Initially, Mahjong was created as the game for four players, but today there are versions with a large number of players or even for one player. Mahjong online games are available to all visitors of our site. They will help you to spend some quality time. Do not worry that you will be bored with levels. There are as many of them as possible. Your whole life is not enough to play Mahjong every day and you won’t find two identical games.

Mahjong solitaire classic

The traditions of Mahjong as a board game are inherited by the versions of Mahjong solitaire. You must think carefully on each move. It is important for the successful solving of the puzzle. Only your patience and persistence will help you to come closer to the victory.

Mahjong Solitaire Classic is an addictive game that require good memory and clear thinking. Improve your puzzle solving skills with the help of these games.

If you are a beginner, then playing Mahjong will allow you to start with the tutorial levels. Only after you have learned all the rules, you can start storming tasks that are more complex. Today there are a large number of options for the game, which can differ both in complexity, the presence or absence of additional inventory and the number of players. You will be able to find the game to your taste.

Newest games

Playing Mahjong is an activity that everyone will like. The best online logic games are already waiting for you: Mahjong Dimensions 2, Dark Dimension 3, Mahjong Kitchen 2, Animals Connect 3.

You can also find interesting games in the categories: Animals Mahjong games, Butterfly mahjong games, Chritsmas mahjong games, Free Candy Crush Games, Candy Crush Type Games, Free Jewel Games.

Be patient and extremely attentive. Before you make your next move, try to evaluate every possible option. To do your best, we recommend you to relax before playing.

If you don’t like the Mahjong on this page, or you have already disassembled it and want something new, follow the other links. The game categories are quite diverse, and the plots of many games are classified into several genres at the same time. However, some games may not always meet your exact needs. Search deeper, scroll through the pages of the sections, and you will find what you are looking for.