Mahjong Connect is a free online game where you have to collect tiles on the playing field with the same pictures on them. When the latter is removed from the playing field, the level ends and you can move on to the next. In general, this logic game is similar to Classic Mahjong, but there are certain differences. For example, all the tiles are laid not in several layers, but in one. In such a way the player can connect all the pictures and think of an optimal sequence of actions ahead.
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Disassembling the Mahjong Connect puzzle usually begins with the outer contour. Everything is simple here. If identical tiles lie on the same side of a rectangular, then they can be easily removed according to the rules. Then a player can start searching inside the figure, trying to find adjacent pairs. There is no universal strategy since the first two of them can lead to different consequences up to a complete lack of moves on the playing field.

Pay attention to the layers of the tiles. In all games of this genre, the tiles are set in one layer: Mahjong Butterfly Kyodai 2, Animals Connect 3, Farm Connect 3. The grouping of tiles can be different. It can be a solid rectangular playing field, where the tiles are laid tightly joining each other. Sometimes there can also be groups of separate formations.