Mahjong Butterfly 2

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You will be pleased with the magic and tenderness of the game Mahjong Butterfly 2.
Mahjong Butterfly 2 is a new version of mahjong puzzle game that is perfect for any person who loves nature. This amazing puzzle game will not only require you to concentrate but will also delight you with pleasant game design and music. In this game, you will see a large playing field with numerous butterflies. You need to use your wit to free butterflies from the captivity. To save the lovely insects from the trap you have to cope with the solution of many intricate puzzles.

Your main goal in this addictive game is to clear the playing field by connecting the identical pairs of the butterflies’ wings. Look for two halves of one butterfly, connect them with a click and free these cute creatures. In difficult situations, use the hints located at the top of the playing field. After clicking on it, you will know what move you can make or you can simply snuffle the wings to get more variants.

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