Butterfly Kyodai Mahjong Connect

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Play this amazing mahjong with cute tiny butterflies. In the game, Butterfly Kyodai Mahjong Connect the player must completely make out the mahjong.

On the tiles, you can see the halves of these flying insects and if you find the pair correctly the tiles connect and release the butterfly which flies away. The faster you find pairs, the more butterflies flutter over the playing field at the same time – a beautiful view. Although the rules look simple, it’s extremely difficult to make out the entire butterfly field.

The fact is that being carried away by the initial pairing of wings along the perimeter, the player leaves no room for manoeuvre inside the playing field. Be extremely careful and attentive, as the game time is limited and the game will be over very soon. The levels in the game are short. There are few wings on each level, although their number is gradually growing. In each subsequent level, there will be more of them. Each next level will be more difficult than the previous one.

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