Mahjong Connect 4

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Mahjong Connect 4 (full screen) is one of the hardest Chinese solitaire puzzle games.

To win this game you need to stack all open tiles in pairs, sequentially sorting a variety of pieces. To correctly collect all the tiles in pairs, it is important to remember one rule. Only tiles with at least one long side opened are available to the player. It is impossible to pick them up with short sides. It is necessary to pass level by level. With each new level, the shapes from the tiles will be different. So it will become more difficult to assemble them. But there are two great tips to help the player – a hint and a shuffle.

They are both endless, but with their characteristics. For example, a hint highlights a possible move only for a second. And a shuffle often does not work as it should. The tips are endless and time is unlimited. Therefore, you can provide yourself with two playing modes – a quick one using hints or long but on your own. It’s worth snuffling when there are no possible moves at all. The game has its peculiarity. The tiles are often put nearby blocking another tile.

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