Mahjong Dark Dimensions triple time

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Are ordinary puzzles no longer exciting? Choose a real challenge for your mind – Mahjong Dark Dimensions triple time. The game combines bright graphics, simple rules and interesting tasks. Get maximum points and take the top position in the rankings.

How to play Mahjong Dark Dimensions triple time

A 3D figure with several levels is created from dice. It can be easily rotated in different directions using the arrows or by moving the mouse while holding down the button. Examine the figure and find the elements with identical images.

The player’s task is to clear the field of all tiles. Just click on a pair of identical cubes and they will disappear. And the score will be replenished with a certain number of points. Choose only active elements, that is, those tiles that are not blocked by others on the left or right.

Limited time

The task is complicated by the timer. You have 6 minutes (triple time!) only! Don’t waste time and find the same pairs quickly. Try to complete as many levels as possible before the last seconds run out. Among the regular dice, you will definitely come across some matching ones. When the player chooses such a pair, the timer will be replenished with additional minutes.


After each level, the player receives bonus points. Reach the maximum level and set a record. Focus on the symbols, train your visual memory and relax with your favourite game.

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