Mahjong Dark Dimensions

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Play this exciting and entertaining game and test your skills in the game Mahjong Dark Dimensions.

Welcome to the game Mahjong Dark Dimensions, a fun three-dimensional game that gives you even more fun. If you like board games, then test your skills in this new version of the 3D puzzle. Get bonuses for the speed and for the same images in a row. Use special time cubes to play even longer. These cubes are the keys to a long and exciting game. When the timer ends, the game will be over. Try to remove a pair of cubes with the same content that is on the same plane.

The cube can be turned in different directions to achieve the desired result. You need to act as quickly as possible. Rotate the cube removing the same blocks. Cubes with a timer will extend the playing time, so try to get to them as soon as possible. How many mahjong levels will you complete before time runs out? It’s time to go to the dark side and find out. If you see that you have no moves, just turn the cube and new images will open for you, so you can pick up a pair.

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