Candy Crush Type Games

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Candy Crush Type Games is a light and colourful game for all fans of sweets and Chinese puzzles. Enjoy interesting themes, original designs, and solve classic solitaire puzzles.

Games help you relax, improve your mood, and improve your ability to concentrate. Players can choose Mahjong Candy, three-in-a-row puzzles Garden Tales, as well as the unrivalled Mahjong Candy Dimensions game in three-dimensional format.

Colourful Design

Games attract attention with their colourful design and themes. Collect identical elements in a row or in pairs. Juicy fruits, colourful gems, brightly coloured sweets and candies await the player on the field. Everyone will find their favourite theme.

Features of the Game

In the Jewel Blitz and Garden Tales puzzles, you have to put identical elements in a row of three or more. The player’s task is to get the specified number of gems or fruits. Such combos allow you to remove elements from the playing field and get a reward. Games in this category have a limited number of moves. Having earned the maximum number of points, the participant receives a reward in the form of stars.

In Candy Connect, you need to remove all sides from the playing field by pairing identical tiles that have a free side and can be connected in a straight line with no more than two turns.

Fans of classic Chinese puzzles will like Mahjong Candy, in which you need to disassemble a structure of blocks that are located in several levels. Mahjong Candy Dimensions impresses with its format. The player must know the free blocks in the three-dimensional structure by scrolling left or right.

Bonuses and Boosters for Excitement

The games provide hints or boosters to overcome difficult situations. Jewel Blitz and Garden Tales unlock such options as you progress through several levels. Players will be able to open a couple of free blocks for the game, mix the elements, and remove the block that is in the way.

By collecting four or more identical tiles in a row, explosive jewels or fruits will appear for the player. Such a block is marked with a horizontal or vertical line. Boosters allow you to remove all tiles horizontally or vertically.

Games are limited by timers. If a player manages to save time, he or she will receive extra points. You can get bonuses by collecting several identical pairs of blocks. Mahjong Candy also offers bonus blocks that allow you to double your points in the game.

Keep track of your achievements on the screen, enjoy the vivid graphics and intuitive gameplay.