Mahjong Butterfly Garden

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A bright garden with colourful butterflies opens its doors. Travel and pass level after level, solving the Mahjong Butterfly Garden puzzle.

How to play Mahjong Butterfly Garden

The player’s task is to remove the tiles from the field. There are cubes in several levels in front of the participant. Each element depicts butterfly wings.

Combine identical bars that turn into beautiful butterflies and fly out of the playing field. When the top tiles disappear, you get access to the elements below them.

Click on the free tiles, that is, those that are not covered by another element and are open to the left or right. Choose the blocks that can be connected by a line with no more than two right angles. Depending on the level, the tasks become more difficult and the conditions change. It will be interesting and exciting.

Get actively involved in the Mahjong Butterfly Garden game as the timer on the screen quickly counts down the time. When the time is up, start the game again. Only after completion will you be able to open the next level.


Use the hint or shuffle tiles option whenever you need to and continue playing. Complete challenges, beat each level, and set your own game records. Improve your logic and visual memory, relax and enjoy the colourful design of the oriental puzzle.

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