Free Mahjong

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Relaxation and improvement in one game. Free Mahjong (without ads) is a logic puzzle game with a set of bright tiles and a traditional oriental motif. Play alone or compete with friends and take top positions in the ratings.

How to play Free Mahjong game

The player clears the board of tiles with different images: coloured circles, symbols, combinations of bamboo sticks, hieroglyphics. You can choose only free tiles, that is, the one that is open on the left or right side. For each successful pair of playing elements, the account is replenished with points.

Keep track on the screen of the number of tiles on the field that remain to be paired, as well as the available moves. The timer counts down the time spent on solving the traditional puzzle. Improve your skills and stack the cubes as quickly as possible.

The Free Mahjong game consists of three levels of difficulty. The easier stages have hints and a shuffle option to help you get through the tasks. Demonstrate your wisdom and attentiveness in the most difficult mode – expert.

Choose the layout of the dice. Players are presented with a wide variety of themes: animals and plants, symbols and buildings, zodiac signs and letters.
Playing Free Mahjong game is interesting and rewarding. Relax, enjoy the colourful graphics, and improve your skills.

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