Mahjong Battles Egypt

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Travelling through the mysterious tombs of Egypt and finding mysterious symbols and decorations. Mahjong Battles Egypt is especially interesting for those who like to compete and win. Develop your own strategy and win.

How to play Mahjong Battles Egypt game

The Mahjong Battles Egypt game has three game modes. “Duel” – a competition with a virtual player, “HotSeat” – a game with a friend on the same device, “Campaign” – a game with 7 virtual players. There is a choice of difficulty level, i.e. player improvement.

The player’s task is to earn as many points as possible in each round. To do this, choose the pair with the highest numerical value among the chips on the field.

Just click on two identical tiles and they will disappear, and the earned coins will be added to the account.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation and there are no suitable options for making a move, feel free to click on the hint. An alternative move, i.e. a pair of identical chips, will be highlighted.

At the end of the game, you can enter your name and take a place in the overall ranking. Overcome challenges and set records.

The Mahjong Battles Egypt game develops thinking, logic, and the ability to create a strategy and algorithm of actions. Organise competitions with your friends for mindfulness and memory. A pleasant stay with Egypt Mahjong is guaranteed.

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