Mahjong Pyramids

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In the game Mahjong Pyramids, we will go to Egypt and there we will help the pharaohs to master the Chinese game of Mahjong puzzle.

On the screen, you will see game tiles on which various hieroglyphs are applied. You will have to look for the same patterns and click on the tiles on which they are located. This way you remove them from the field and earn points.

Your task is to clear all the playing field of all objects. Mahjong Pyramids is a colourful simple game with addictive gameplay. The Egyptian theme in combination with mahjong tiles creates the unique flavour of this online game. Connect the ancient pyramids of mahjong tiles to complete the level. Hurry until the allotted time is over.

Develop your attention for quick passage, which will earn maximum points. Bonuses available will allow you to complete the level without much difficulty.

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