Fruits Mahjong

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Today we have to clean the playing field from fruits and vegetables.

To do this, in the game Fruits Mahjong you have a large number of items that need to be paired together. You can only combine those fruits and vegetables which are not covered by other objects. And you need to do this before the time given for passing the level ends. Each new level will offer you more fruits, which of course will cause difficulties in finding the necessary combinations.

Fruits Mahjong is an incredibly interesting game where you need to quickly develop a strategy to create the right combinations and calculate the moves ahead. It should be borne in mind that the time scale does not stand still, but is rapidly decreasing. Although, if you do not begin to slow down, the scale will add a little time. You will find many fascinating colourful levels in the game Fruits Mahjong. Look for identical pairs of objects located nearby or so that they can be connected by a line at right angles and at the same time not to cross other objects on the playing field.

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