Ace Mahjong

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Play classic mahjong online, in the game Ace Mahjong.

Ace Mahjong is a game where the most experienced lovers of this ancient memory game will find decent levels of difficulty. Here you have to show your attentiveness and find the same tiles. Find two identical tiles and they will disappear from the playing field.

The task is to clear the playing field of all the tiles. But you can only go with tiles that are not covered by the top layer of other tiles. Blocked tiles will be available when making moves with tiles located next to them. There are no time limits in the game Ace Mahjong. But playing promptly you can show your skills.

The main difficulty is that the cards begin to seem the same during a long time of playing. For this reason, it becomes difficult to find the same tiles. Nevertheless, interest does not disappear. Choose your own set of elements and solve the classic mahjong solitaire. In the game, you can use the hint or mix elements on the playing field.

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