Logical Mahjong

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Logical Mahjong is a traditional Chinese board game in the form of a puzzle for one player.

This time you need to make out a pyramid consisting of many tiles with icons. You need to delete them in pairs, finding the same tiles in the upper part of the pyramid. At each level, there are two large buttons on top – blue and green. Green suggests a move that you can complete, and blue mixes the tiles.

Logical Mahjong game has no time limits. The stopwatch in the upper left corner only counts your statistics. The Hint and Mix or tile shuffle buttons can be used to disassemble the tiles. The amount of their use is not limited. If the sound interferes, you can turn it off. If you want to relax, check out these tips. Do not hurry. You have plenty of time. It is not worth spoiling the game process by a couple of hasty and thoughtless moves. If one layout does not work out more than two times in a row, do not try it once again. Try to make out another one. A game has no time limits. On average, disassembling of the pyramid takes 10-15 minutes.

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