Mahjong Minute

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Join the Mahjong Minute game and get a lot of positive emotions.

Enjoy everyone’s favourite puzzle Mahjong Minute in three-dimensional version. This game has slightly different from the standard version gameplay, but the main goal remains the same. Combine two identical cubes to remove them from the playing field and score a certain number of points. Keep within the allotted time by eliminating all the elements. Disassemble a three-dimensional cube in a limited time. To find the necessary moves, you have to turn and move the cube in different directions.

The sooner you complete the level, the more bonuses you will get. The total time is allocated to all levels. The main task is to pass as many levels as possible. If necessary, you can reshuffle the cubes on the playing field. To do this, click on the arrows at the top of the screen. You must completely clear the playing field from the cubes by rotating the playing field and finding cubes with the same pictures.

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