Mahjong Relax

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Mahjong Relax is a pleasant pastime in the company of calm music and an exciting game .

Here are the rules of the classic game. Tiles are stacked up in piles. Piles are placed throughout the playing field. Your task is to visually search for two identical ones and click on them with the mouse. But there is one important nuance. The tiles will disappear from the playing field only if they are not clamped by neighbours.

Remember the time and watch it. Enjoy the game and be prepared that with each new level the complexity of the game increases. To control the game you need a computer mouse. Left-click on one tile, and then on the next. If done correctly, the tiles will disappear and clear the playing field. Originating in China, the classic Mahjong Relax board game now has millions of fans around the world. In this game, your goal is to match the same tiles after which they are removed from the field. Clear the field to win the game. Open the game in the office desktop browser and relax, looking for the same tiles on the gaming table.

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