Mahjong Dragons Connect

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Mahjong Dragons Connect is a hybrid of mahjong and Zuma.

There are signs on the flying dragon, and the paired ones must be removed from the playing field until the dragon’s head flies through the gate. Enjoy excellent graphics and conveniently attractive gameplay. You will get real pleasure from the game, as well as from other versions of mahjong.

Mahjong Dragons Connect is one of the varieties of ancient Chinese puzzles. The peculiarity of this game is that the location of the tiles is unknown. They appear for a while when you click on them. The whole gameplay is built on storing pictures and their correct comparison. Other rules are extremely simple. You need to combine only those images that have at least one free side and at the same time, the selected tiles should not be blocked at the top. Each player will be able to test his search skills, concentration and attentiveness in 20 different levels. The level of difficulty is constantly increasing as you progress. Demonstrate your skills in analyzing the pyramids and score the most points.

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