Mahjong Titans 2

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This is challenging mahjong, so get ready to act quickly. This time we present you an exciting free Mahjong Titans 2 game.

The goal in this puzzle game is to parse a curvy pyramid or pattern consisting of special tiles. Each tile has a picture on it. According to the classics, these are hieroglyphs, bamboo sticks and other pictures. But there are other types of games where the tiles are stylized according to a certain topic. It is necessary to remove two identical tiles located at the edges. Mahjong game has a high level of fascination and beautiful graphics.

In addition, it is one of the oldest games in the whole world. Playing mahjong is a great way to relax because the popular Chinese solitaire is relaxing. The rules are simple: you need to disassemble the entire playing field from the tiles, looking for pairs of identical ones. This mahjong has pleasant music and pleasant design. There are no hints in the game, but there is the possibility of snuffling the tiles.

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