Mahjong Space Cube

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You went on a long space journey on a ship, playing Mahjong Space Cube.

The game Mahjong Space Cube resembles ordinary mahjong, only in three-dimension. The playing field consists of multi-coloured luminous cubes that are assembled into space. Combine two identical cubes to remove them from the playing field. Try to remove the specified target cubes to earn points. You can rotate the figure with the arrows on the screen, and remove them with a click of a mouse.

Mahjong Space Cube develops spatial imagination, allowing children to develop their minds playfully. By clicking on pairs of cubes of identical colour located at the edges of the structure, the process of their destruction is activated. By removing pairs of cubes, you gradually clear the space and get rid of the barrier. Thus, you have to fight with ten-block formations. The game Space Cubes, in addition to being beautiful, voluminous, will make you think about a solution to the problem, and pleasant music will add to the pleasure of the puzzle.

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