Kris Mahjong

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If you want to test your strength and attentiveness, then join the online game Kris Mahjong.

The analogue of the famous Chinese game the classic online mahjong. Only here on the tiles, you can see not hieroglyphs, but various pictures like clowns, bananas, etc. Of course, for each combination, you can get points and a little extra time. You need to be extremely attentive to invest in the time allotted by the timer. Moves can be made horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. First, remove the tiles that are next to each other, then it will be easier.

This is mahjong, which we all know and love, but this time in a slightly different style than the classic version. Each time mahjong surprises with thematic tiles, filling the playing field. And this time, they will be presented in a very textured style. But despite external changes, the rules of the game remain the same. The task of the game is to find two identical tiles. Enjoy another mahjong, try to clear the playing field as soon as possible and go to the next level.

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