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The classic Mahjongcon is the progenitor of all existing puzzles with the so-called connect pairs mechanics.

Chinese Mahjong is one of the most popular puzzle games in the world. An interesting version of mahjong solitaire with special features. In a very popular game Mahjongcon you need to connect pairs of tiles with an even rectangle with the same pattern on them. But if in ordinary mahjong solitaire you can remove only those tiles that are free at least on one side left or right, then there is no such restriction in the game Mahjongcon, but a straight line drawn between two tiles should make no more than two turns.

There are hints in the game that can help a lot. In case of deadlock situations, the player will be saved by mixing the remaining on the playing field tiles. In the game Mahjongcon, you will find twelve levels of difficulty. To pass the level, find paired tiles and remove them from the playing field. Ready to accept the challenge of Mahjongcon?

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