Miracle Mahjong

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Miracle Mahjong is a fabulous game. The game immerses you in the atmosphere of China and even offers to drink tea from a porcelain cup during a pause, so do not forget to open the mahjong in full screen and fully enjoy every level of mahjong. The order of frenzy of trials of such joy is perceived as a game of ancient China for smart people.

The rules are a little simpler. Tiles should be near or through an empty field. The same click right one after the other and they give you points and disappear. This charm is cheerful and fun for players of any gender and age. Those who want to train their brains, a tireless fun, extraordinary like painting on ancient ceramics move the cursor using the mouse, click on the same tiles and have fun. May luck be with you. Each game is tracked by a timer, so if you make the most of your efforts, you can deal with tiles in a given time. Remove all tiles from the playing field by matching the pair.

Enjoy beautiful and polished graphics with a cool soundtrack. Get ready to get hooked on Miracle Mahjong.

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