Mahjong Solitaire Free Online

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Do you want to relax, have fun and spend time with benefit? Mahjong Solitaire Free Online is a colourful game with simple rules and original tiles. This traditional Chinese entertainment is now available online on your smartphone or computer.

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How to play Mahjong Solitaire Free Online

There are tiles with different designs on the playing field. Observe the elements, look for identical patterns, and match them. Just click on identical cubes to make them disappear from the playing field. The Mahjong Solitaire Free Online game ends when there are no more elements on the screen.

Choose only free tiles, that is, those that are not covered on the right or left side. The bars are arranged in several levels. When the top ones disappear, the player will be able to open the ones below them.

Since the design of the elements is made in the same colours: blue, green, red and black, it will take maximum concentration to find the same images among a large number of tiles. Use your logical thinking and disassemble the pyramid by clicking on pairs of identical tiles.

When the Mahjong Solitaire Free Online game is finished, a beautiful landscape will open up before the participant. Enjoy the colourful graphics, relax to the soothing music and train your mind by solving tricky puzzles.

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