Mahjong Sweet Connect

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So much candy and so little time. How many of them can you collect in Mahjong Sweet Connection?

Mahjong Sweet Connection is a candy version of the classic board game. At each level, you need to combine all the paired tiles as quickly as possible. Time is limited, so hurry up. This online game can collect in front of the screen both adults and young players. Connect the pairs and get shiny stars. It is necessary to remove two identical candies in pairs. They should not be blocked. They must have a free left or right side, and other tiles should not lie on top of them. The line from one candy to its pair cannot be short.

The main thing is to connect them at right angles with no more than two bends. Sweet and delicious mahjong is waiting for you. The elements here are colourful and tasty. Look for identical sweets, candies and yummies. They should be next to each other. If it is possible to connect the sweets with a line, they will also be removed. The line can be broken, but there should be no more than two right angles.

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