Mahjong Crab

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In the game Mahjong Crab, your task is to find pairwise tiles.

Many people like to spend their free time solving various puzzles and riddles. Today for such lovers of puzzles and solitaires we present the game Mahjong Crab.
Mahjong Crab is back with the new design and gameplay presented in the online game. But don’t enjoy the beauty of this addictive game, because you need to cope with the conditions of the game. You need to remove all game elements from the playing field. On the playing field, you will see special tiles. Remove the same paired tiles to collect them all.

You need to find two identical ones among them and connect them with one line. They will lie in piles. Some of them will be hidden by others. Those that are on top of the others or are not supported on the sides by the rest of the tiles cannot be removed. This means that if the tile is visible, but others overlap it, then it will not be possible to move it. Enjoy the ancient game from the East which will completely immerse you in the gaming atmosphere.

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