Mahjong Legend

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Mahjong Legend is an extraordinarily beautiful online game with elements of virtual travel to various parts of Asia.

In this classic Mahjong game, you will need to find those tiles that contain the same symbols. Bright graphics and great and detailed gameplay will make you play this game again and again. Various bonuses earned depending on the speed and the correct choice of tiles add some pleasure to the game and simply make you pass the level again if it is not completed with three stars. Keep in mind that they cannot be surrounded by so many ties. The game has 100 levels, varying in complexity and content.

Carefully and quickly choose tiles using the available tips and try to complete each level with the maximum number of points. Your mission is to clear the playing field as soon as possible. Feel the beauty of all colours of this wonderful game. You will have limited time for this, so try to make it fast. If it turns out that there is too much time left, you will get additional bonuses.

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