Mahjong Tile Game

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Your goal in the online game Mahjong Tile Game is to earn as many points as possible.

The playing field is filled with tiles with hieroglyphs and drawings, which means that exciting Mahjong Tile Game is waiting for you. But this is not a traditional mahjong game, but a combination with a classic solitaire. Look for pairs of identical elements that are nearby or so that they can be connected with a line at a right angle. In this case, there should be no more than two turns. There is a certain amount of time for collecting tiles. Your task is to score maximum points; there is no question of how to completely clear the playing field.

To complete the level, find the pairs and remove all the tiles from the playing field before the time runs out. Be careful, some pictures are very similar to each other but still different. The line between two tiles cannot have more than three lines or two angles of 90 degrees. Play strategically and try to complete as many levels as possible.

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