Kitchen Mahjong

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Find pairs of identical tiles in the online game Kitchen Mahjong.

Look in the kitchen and you will see many different objects that occupy shelves and cabinets. These are dishes, cutlery, various household machines and all sorts of cute little things that facilitate the work of a housewife and make it more enjoyable. A huge number of different objects helped to design this Kitchen Mahjong puzzle. Remove all tiles from the playing field before the time runs out to complete the level. The path between two tiles cannot have more than three lines or two angles of 90 degrees. The match gives you a small time bonus, so be quick and use a hint in case you are stuck.

Try to complete as many levels as possible to earn a high score. To solve this puzzle, it is necessary to find and remove the same pairs of objects located at the distance of connecting the line at right angles. The match lasts a certain time, so you should hurry. Act quickly and meet the allotted time to earn good bonuses.

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