Mahjong Sunset

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Chinese puzzles on your smartphone or laptop screen will be a great way to relax and train your brain. Mahjong Sunset is an atmospheric game with clear and simple rules. Choose the optimal level, win and take top positions in the ratings.

How to play Mahjong Sunset

Participants will enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the sunset. The player has access to 16 levels, each of which can be opened for play at any time. Depending on the selected level, the location, number, and design of the tiles changes. The goal of the Mahjong Sunset game is to free the field from all elements.

To make the tiles disappear from the screen, click on two identical bars. Choose only active elements, that is, those tiles that have a free right or left side.


The player receives a reward in the form of stars for completing a level. The maximum number of stars is three. The timer indicates the time for completing the level. The player can set time records and improve their own results.

The Mahjong Sunset game has a characteristic oriental motif. The tiles depict hieroglyphics, colourful combinations of circles, bamboo sticks and other thematic images. Create a strategy, solve the puzzle and enjoy the game.

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