Fish Mahjong

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You will find yourself surrounded by colourful brilliance and go on a virtual fishing trip.

The popular Chinese mahjong has been updated and transformed and we present you another version of Fish Mahjong. Now a variety of bright fish and other inhabitants of warm seas are depicted on the tiles. At the start of the game, mahjong consists of colourful fish, crabs, jellyfish and other inhabitants of the underwater world. Just click on the paired pictures one at a time.

Your attentiveness is really necessary. Inspect the playing field and find identical fish. They can be removed if the fish are located nearby, but not at a distance. It is possible if there is no barrier between them in the form of other tiles. Time is limited, so pay attention to the right information panel. Find two tiles with the same fish, not blocked by neighbouring ones. It may sound bizarre, but when you start playing, you will quickly understand how to play. The goal of the game is to combine the same fish and clear the playing field.

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