Union mahjong

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Union mahjong is a logical game with elementary rules, which is difficult to tear yourself away.

It requires a quick reaction, perseverance and patience. Union mahjong is a popular online game. Its goal is to remove the same tiles of Chinese dominoes from the playing field. The goal of the game is to clear the entire field by removing all tiles from it. The same tiles are removed from the playing field in the case if they are located nearby, if the tile has at least 2 sides open, or if they are located on the edge of the playing field. You should remember that two tiles located on opposite sides of the playing field cannot be removed.

The gameplay is accompanied by a set of chaotic stimulating sounds. If desired, they can be turned off by pressing the button in the form of a drum, which is located in the upper right corner. Keep this feature in mind when adding up solitaire. So, it is better to first remove all available combinations at the top of the layout and only then at the bottom. When removing the lower tiles, the upper ones fall and can create new combinations.

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