Easter Mahjong

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Pay your attention to this new puzzle game in the genre of mahjong solitaire.

In this game, the tiles have the pictures of Easter eggs, among which you need to look for identical pairs and remove them from the playing field. Painted eggs are placed on the tiles instead of hieroglyphs. It is necessary to completely clear the playing field. Only eggs that have at least one vertical free side and one horizontal side can be removed. Otherwise, they are considered blocked. Look for the same pictures and click on them to remove from the playing field. Tiles should not be blocked from all sides, at least three of them should be free. Only then you can remove them from the pyramid. Time is limited, the timer is located at the bottom of the screen.

The main highlight of this interactive entertainment is the enormous amount of original layouts that the user cannot get bored with. Easter Mahjong is an ideal option to keep your mind in good shape, an excellent intellectual puzzle that will be useful to all children without exception.

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