Mahjong Connect 3d

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A charming fairy invites you to play 3D Mahjong in a fairy forest.

Fairy is interested in playing Mahjong. When she returns to the forest, she puts the Mahjong puzzle in front of the forest gate. If you complete all the levels, you will become the smartest friend of the fairies. Want to try?

In the 3D, you can rotate the mahjong board, connect two identical tiles to get rid of them from the 3D board. Have fun with the game. You can turn the panel with the tiles, use the tips, the main thing is to clear the playing field in the shortest possible time. Find the tiles with the same pictures, clear the field and go to the next level. Complete all levels, earn a record number of points and surprise the beautiful fairy. It’s nice to spend some time with this game, work your head and take your mind off worries.

In the game Mahjong Connect 3d of 25 levels, which differ not only in the layout of the tiles but also in the time given. In difficult moments, you can use hints or mixing, but for their use, you need to pay with earned points. By the way, the faster you take another pair of tiles from the field, the more bonus points you get.

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